Thursday, 1 May 2014

Meeting Great-Granddaddy

A few weeks ago I took Isla to meet her great-granddaddy, Sam. My grandfather has Alzheimer's and lives in a small care home with a few other seniors with memory problems.  My grandma does not need memory care so she lives on her own in an apartment in town.
Although my grandfather will not remember their meeting and neither will my daughter, it was important to me that they meet.
My granddaddy has always been one of the most important people to me. Growing up, we always had a special bond and I loved spending time with him. A brilliant man, he worked as a geology professor at the University of Oregon for the majority of his career. It is hard to see such an intelligent person struggle to remember everything from where he is to who people are. Luckily he still remembers his family members and I'm so glad he got to meet Isla, it meant a lot to me. Hopefully we will get to visit again soon.

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