Sunday, 23 March 2014

10 weeks already?!

I can't believe my little one is 10 weeks old already! She is at a wonderful stage though where she's beginning to discover more of the world around her. She's smiling more, she's more aware of her arms and legs and she's desperately trying to roll over. She is a great sleeper (knock on wood) and usually goes to bed around 9pm, wakes up for a feeding around 3am and then goes back to sleep until about 6 or 7am. After that I usually pull her in to bed with me and we doze and cuddle for another couple of hours. Monday is my first birthday with her and she's the best present ever.

Monday, 3 March 2014

SAHM in the house!

I've thought about writing this post for a long time. I debated for a long time before I made my decision but it's now official, I'm a stay at home mom!

This was an incredibly bittersweet decision and not one that I took lightly or made easily. I love my daughter with all my heart and want to be there to experience her "firsts", but I also loved my job. For the first time since I started working, I was in a job that I loved and was always excited to get up in the morning to go to, even with an hour commute each way. My position didn't lend itself to going part time or working from home and financially, even if I had gone back to work full time, I would essentially have been working to put Isla in daycare. Without a family member or friend to care for Isla, we would also be leaving her in the care of strangers at only three months old. Financially and emotionally, staying home was really the only choice.

It is an incredibly difficult decision for a mother to make whether she ultimately decides to work inside or outside the home. For me, becoming a stay at home mom meant saying goodbye to a job I loved and colleagues who meant the world to me. It meant becoming financially dependent on my husband. It meant committing to a whole new set of duties and responsibilities.

It also means I get to be there when my daughter giggles for the first time, when she rolls over, when she starts crawling. I get to take her to park on sunny days and stop for coffee and pastries at the local bakery on mommy-daughter dates. I will know that my daughter is safe and well looked after. I can actually get a work out in (when she's a little older, naturally haha) and cook a healthy dinner instead of picking up takeout on the way home. I'll be able to do chores around the house during the week so we can spend the whole weekend having fun as a family instead of spending my weekend playing catch up.

It's a big change and while I'm still getting over the sadness of leaving my job, I'm so excited to fully embrace my new job! I know there are a lot of women who would give everything to stay home with their babies and I feel very grateful that it is a decision I got the choice to make.

Are you a mom or mom-to-be? What did you decide to do?