Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Six Week Essentials

Six weeks has flown by! Isla will be seven weeks on Friday and is getting closer and closer to that dreaded two month well baby appointment. Fellow moms will know the's first immunizations. Fingers crossed it goes okay!

Today I wanted to share some of the things that have been essential to me these past weeks...
Six Week Essentials
Brest Friend Nursing Pillow - The number 1 essential on my list? This nursing pillow!! I don't know what I would do without it. Buy it, buy it, buy it!!!
Nuk Pacifiers - Isla will take most pacifiers, but these are my favorite and I think they're her favorite too.
Ergo Baby Carrier and Infant Insert - We couldn't use this the first couple of weeks because even with the infant insert baby needs to weigh seven pounds and our little peanut was too small. We anxiously, anxiously awaited when we could use it and I love it. I took Isla to the doctor in it (her carseat is pretty heavy and hard for me to manage on my own with putting it in the stroller) and she always calms down in it. Nine times out of ten she falls asleep in it too.
SwaddleMe Wraps - Swaddling made easy. I wrap Isla in one of these every night and it takes less than 15 seconds to get her in a nice tight swaddle. So much easier than trying to swaddle with a receiving blanket.
Rock N Play Sleeper - My little lady spits up when laid flat in her bassinet. This keeps her at an angle and cuts that out. It's cozy, vibrates AND rocks - she sleeps great in it.
Gilligan and O'Malley Nursing Tanks - Super comfy, I wear these every night and many times during the day too :-O
Lansinoh Ultra Soft Nursing Pads - I tried the Nuk ones and sorry to say, they were terrible. These are really soft, very absorbent and they stay in place.
Skip Hop Diaper Bag - This bag helps me look put together out in public. Sure it's full of diapers and wipes, but you wouldn't guess that from the outside. It has tons of pockets for easy organization, I love it.
iPad - Entertainment and lifeline to the outside world.
Sprout - Baby App - This app is great! You can track feeds so you know which side you started nursing with last, how much you pumped, how many wet/dirty diapers baby has done, track patterns and so, so much more.
Coffee!! - No explanation needed.
Make Up For Ever Concealer - This concealer is waterproof and offers great coverage. I am super pale and they actually make a shade light enough for me.
Chocolate - See 'coffee'
Hand Sanitizer - You will become a germ-a-phobe when you have a baby and with good reason. Flu and norovirus are no fun.
Netflix/TV - Marathon nursing sessions require entertainment
Yoga Pants - Slightly more presentable than pajamas or sweats. They make you feel "dressed" even if you're not and they are fairly forgiving while you work off the baby weight.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Packing for the Hospital

A lot of what I thought I might need based on lists I'd read of what other people packed I ended up not needing. While my hospital may be unique, they provided a ton of stuff. Ice packs, Tucks pads, maxi pads, numbing spray, those fab mesh panties, lanolin cream, lip blam. They encouraged me to take everything home so I was pretty well set up. I wore the clean hospital gowns as well. There was always a stack of fresh clean ones so I could change whenever I wanted (which was frequently...after you have a baby you sweat, there are various other things I won't detail but you'll stain stuff, it's inevitable), you can un-do the top quickly and easily for nursing and best of all? You get to leave the dirty ones behind for someone else to wash instead of hauling them home (like your own pj's) to wash when you are deliriously tired and have a three day old baby with jaundice!

What I packed and what I actually used:

Hospital Packing

- Two pairs of pajamas
- Black robe
- Black granny panties
- Nursing shirt
- Nursing tank top
- Nursing bra
- Cardigan
- Leggings
- Flip-flops
- Two pairs of fuzzy socks
- Makeup bag (only used tinted moisturizer, concealer and mascara)
- Shampoo and conditioner
- Deodorant
- Dry shampoo
- Body wash (That first shower after giving birth? It is as amazing as everyone says it is!)
- Face wipes
- Moisturizer
- Face wipes
- Body lotion
- Tooth brush
- Tooth paste
- Floss
- Maxi pads
- Hair ties and bobby pins
- Headband
- Hairbrush (I threw my hair into a bun and called it good haha)
- Lip balm (essential during labor!)
- Lanolin cream (I used what they gave me and saved mine)
- Nursing pads
- Nursing pillow (My Brest Friend)
- iPad
- iPhone
- Notebook
- Camera
- Pens

For baby the hospital provided diapers, wipes, socks, hats, pacifier, receiving blankets (not to take home)...really everything you could need except for the going home outfit and carseat! Take full advantage of it! Take everything you haven't used up with you when you leave and use the stacks of fresh, clean receiving blankets to wrap your baby up while you're there, don't bother using yours. As with the hospital gowns, use them! Let someone else do the laundry while you still can!

What I packed for baby:
- Diaper bag
- Two outfits
- Two hats
- Socks
- Receiving blankets
- Regular blanket
- Pacifiers

Since my water broke two and a half weeks early we were caught a little off guard and my husband hadn't packed.  For your hubby/boyfriend I would recommend the following:
- Two changes of clothes
- Sweatpants, t-shirt or pajamas
- Overnight toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, etc.)
- Phone

We didn't pack any snacks or drinks like some people recommend bringing and we didn't need to. Our hospital/nurses were amazing at bringing drinks and snacks/food. I had popsicles, water and ice chips during labor and they brought Neil a snack pack with a sandwich, fruit and carrot sticks. After Isla was born we were able to order meals through a touchscreen in our recovery room and at night the nurses were great and brought snacks whenever I wanted (bagels, sandwiches, pudding, etc.) as well as drinks. The signature "mocktail" in labor and delivery was cranberry juice and sprite with lots of ice. They brought me one as soon as Isla was out and after being on ice chips for hours, it was the best tasting thing I'd ever had!

Postpartum Posts

I started two separate drafts of my first post, post-baby but eventually abandoned them due to lack of time or because I was unsure how to continue them. Writing is difficult enough at the best of times but when you are sleep deprived and typing with one hand while juggling a fussy baby with the other hand, it becomes that much harder. My gorgeous little girl is currently napping happily and peacefully though so I'm hoping the third time is the charm!

Tomorrow will mark four weeks since Isla's birth. They have gone by in a blur and been both the shortest and longest weeks of my life. I hope over the next few weeks to find more time to write and get down some of the thoughts I keep meaning to document. I'm great at drafting blog posts in my head while nursing the baby at 2am, just not so great at finding the time to get those posts written down.

I will kick things off with what I packed in our hospital bags and what we actually used.