Friday, 27 December 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along: 35 weeks + 3 days
How big is baby: The Bump says coconut, Babycenter says honeydew melon and What to Expect says large cantaloupe (17.2-22in inches long and 4.2-6 pounds)
Total weight gain: A lot. Haha. About 23 lbs
Maternity clothes: Yep, yep, yep!! My belly is huge now.
Sleep: I've been sleeping a little better the last few nights, last night excluded. Haven't been getting up as much to use the bathroom which is great. We also got a soft, beautiful new duvet and sheet set for Christmas which makes the bed feel like a big fluffy cloud - heaven!
Best moment of the week: A wonderful family Christmas.
Food cravings: Junk! All the holiday treats...chocolate, cookies, cinnamon rolls, chocolate, candy, cheese popcorn, chocolate, haha.
Food aversions: Nothing...unfortunately! 
Symptoms: Bad back pain for about a week which has not been fun. Swelling when I don't drink enough water/put my feet up enough and difficulty bending and picking things up. Plus the usual suspects.
Movement: Still moving, moving but I'm anxious to know how she is positioned. I can't tell at all.
Gender: Girly girl
What I’m looking forward to: Finishing up our shopping for nursery and baby. Going this weekend to pick up everything else we need.
What I miss: Being able to pick things up off the floor and my back not hurting.
Next appt: December 30, 2013

I'm excited to welcome our little girl next month, but reality is starting to sink in as well. This week I kept having moments of panic that we are going to have our baby here in mere weeks and I feel super unprepared. I know that it's just nerves and first time mom worries though. We've done the classes, the nursery is almost complete, we've got books, dvd's, internet (yay youtube tutorials!) and most important of all, her grandparents who've done this before and are so excited to help. You can never be 100% prepared and a lot of it we will learn as we go, I keep reminding myself of that. I feel pretty prepared for the birth itself at least! I know it'll all probably go out the window once I'm actually in labor though ;)

We celebrated our last Christmas as a couple and will soon be celebrating the new year for the last time as just a couple. We'll be toasting (with something nonalcoholic naturally) a year of big changes and getting ready to enter a wonderful 2014 which will see us celebrate the birth of our first child and five years of marriage - I can't wait!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along: 34 weeks
How big is baby: The Bump says butternut squash, Babycenter and What to Expect say cantaloupe (17.2-22in inches long and 4.2-5.5 pounds)
Total weight gain: About 20lbs (will get an official weight tomorrow)
Maternity clothes: Getting a bit bored with my maternity wardrobe! Pretty much limited to only the maternity clothes I've got and a few regular tops. I want to shop but there's not much point with only 6+/- weeks left.
Sleep: Having good (ish) nights and bad nights. Sometimes I manage a good night (for me) and can sleep solidly in 2-3 hour chunks. Other nights, like Sunday, I can't sleep at all and/or wake up constantly from a combination of needing to pee and terrible hip pain. Needless to say, I was not so happy Monday morning.
Best moment of the week: Finishing baby class and feeling more confident and prepared.
Food cravings: Chocolate chip cookies and soda, but I've resisted!
Food aversions: Nothing at the moment.
Symptoms: Belly is big!! My belly button hasn't popped out and I feel like it probably won't, which is fine with me. Still a lot of hip pain at night, waddling more and all the usual symptoms. Still noticing more water retention but I'm trying to get up and move more at work and my rings still fit (barely) so I'm hoping it just doesn't get any worse at least until the last week or two.
Movement: Lots and all over in my belly. I have no idea what direction this little lady is in or if I'm being kicked or punched.
Gender: Lovely little lady
What I’m looking forward to: Our appointment tomorrow! Can't wait to hear her heartbeat again and get everything checked out.
What I miss: Sleep!
Next appt: December 18, 2013 (tomorrow!)


We finished our baby classes on Saturday, woo-hoo! One thing I found amusing was when the instructor felt the need to tell the class that when she was talking about baby sleeping through the night, she meant 5 continuous hours. There were many shocked and exasperated faces that it was only 5 hours straight but that sounded wonderful to me! My quality and duration of sleep has been so poor lately, being able to sleep for 5 straight hours sounds AMAZING! I've been trying to stay positive about my poor sleep by thinking of it as training my body for the newborn weeks.

Back to baby class though, I'm feeling pretty positive and confident (as much as I can be!) about my plans for labor. Neil and I are on the same page and he knows how I would like to do things. We haven't started packing any bags for the hospital yet or anything like that, but I feel like we are pretty well prepared now. We have a plan (although I still need to write it out), we know our options, we know what issues we might run into and are prepared to do whatever we need to do to have a healthy baby (and mom) so I feel like we are in a good place as we get closer and closer to the big day!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along: 33 weeks
How big is baby: The Bump says Durian fruit, Babycenter and What to Expect say Pineapple (17.2-19in inches long and 4.2-4.9 pounds)
Total weight gain: Didn't weigh this week
Maternity clothes: Yes, but nothing new since I've only got 49 +/- days to go!
Sleep: A little less pain the past few days which has helped a bit, but still not sleeping well. Struggling with a bit of insomnia also.
Best moment of the week: Last week was wonderful! Too many best moments to pick just one. I loved my beautiful baby shower, my surprise work shower and our baby class.
Food cravings: Umm...I ate a bagel for breakfast yesterday and today if that tells you anything. Also fruit!
Food aversions: Nothing really at the moment, I'm still avoiding very spicy foods.
Symptoms: Pretty much the same ones I've been having. Feeling pretty big and bulky at the moment so I'm having a harder time putting my shoes on and just getting around day to day. Also starting to get some swelling in my fingers so my rings are getting a little tight. I hope I won't get to the point that I can't wear them though!
Movement: Little Isla is still a mover and shaker!
Gender: Girl, girl, girl
What I’m looking forward to: The second half of our baby class this Saturday. We'll be learning more about labor options, breastfeeding and postpartum care.
What I miss: Sleep and range of movement
Next appt: December 18, 2013

I can't believe how quickly things seem to be moving along! We have the nursery nearly completed and thanks to our wonderful friends and family who showered us with so many generous gifts we have a great stock of diapers to get us started, lots of adorable clothes, toys, swings and soft cuddly blankets. We have a lot of what we need which is great and a stress reliever. Next weekend we finish birth class and I'm starting to feel like we'll be as prepared as we can be when our little lady arrives. We're getting there!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Baby Shower(s)!

Isla and I were showered with a ton of love this past weekend!

On Friday, my colleagues and our student employees surprised me with an adorable little baby shower. It was completely unexpected and so sweet! They transformed the conference room with perfect pink handmade decorations and had plenty of my greatest craving (bagels!) on hand as well as yummy cupcakes, which I can never say no to! Isla got her first tiny pink UP tee shirt and the first book to start her library.

On Sunday the love continued with a shower hosted by Monica and Amy, held at my parents' house. Gorgeous handmade decorations, delicious snacks and sweets and lots of love greeted us. We munched on steak bites, meatballs, tea sandwiches (cucumber/cream cheese and egg salad), cheesy artichoke dip, fruit salad and greek herb salad. Those who could partake sipped on mimosas and wine, while the rest of us enjoyed sparkling juices and cider. There was so much warmth and joy! We played a fun celebrity baby name game, which Mom and I tied on as the winners! Think we need to stop reading so much US Weekly... After we opened our gifts, which were all incredibly thoughtful and adorable, we had some fantastic desserts. Monica made the most delicious cupcakes, Spiced Apple Pie and Mexican Hot Chocolate. They also had a beautiful cake and cookies.

Everything was perfect and I loved every minute! I am so grateful for the kindness and love of my amazing, friends, family and colleagues. Isla and I are so lucky to have such supportive and wonderful people in our lives!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along: 32 weeks
How big is baby: The Bump says Squash, Babycenter says Jicama and What to Expect says Honeydew melon (16.7-19in inches long and 3.75-4.5 pounds)
Total weight gain: About +15
Maternity clothes: Pretty much only maternity clothes. I've reached the stage where I look like I am smuggling a basketball under all my clothes.
Sleep: I haven't been sleeping well, too much hip pain and needing to pee. I wake up almost every hour (if not every hour) with the hip I have been sleeping on aching terribly. Once I wake up from that I pretty much always feel like I have to pee so I get up and then switch to the other hip until inevitably that one starts to ache and then the cycle repeats itself. All. Night. Long. I just keep reminding myself, only 8-ish more weeks!
Best moment of the week: Nothing too exciting this week, lots of movement from little girl and the chair for the nursery has been assembled by my wonderful hubby!
Food cravings: Love me some bagels!
Food aversions: Super spicy food
Symptoms: Lots of hip pain, some swelling in my ankles and hands. No energy.
Movement: Quite a bit of movement, but I think she's running out of space! I feel her wiggling around and shifting but it's a bit more muffled (fewer big ka-pow style karate kicks, more squirming) but according to the books that's to be expected at this stage.
Gender: Little Miss
What I’m looking forward to: A busy (but fun) weekend! Birth class on Saturday and baby shower on Sunday!
What I miss: Sleep! I look forward to pain free slumber (at some point) in the future :)
Next appt: December 18, 2013


Two months/eight weeks/56 days to go! I can't believe I am eight months pregnant now. It still blows me away that there is a real living, breathing baby with hair and fingernails that is half me and half Neil, growing inside me. And what more, she will be HERE, on the outside, in just weeks. Our lives will change forever and we'll officially be a family for the rest of them. It's exciting and terrifying and overwhelming all at once. Sometimes it feels so natural to be pregnant and have a little wiggling person inside me and other times it feels like a dream. I'm trying to write Isla a few letters with my thoughts and emotions as the day we get to meet her draws nearer. I hope that some day when she's older she will enjoy reading them.