Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along: 30 weeks
How big is baby: The Bump says cucumber (length?), Babycenter says head of cabbage and What to Expect says head of lettuce (15.7-17in inches long and 2.9-3.8 pounds)
Total weight gain: +14 lbs (officially from the doctor this morning)
Maternity clothes: No new ones, but trying to mix and match new outfits out of what I have. Adding more accessories and switching up my shoes to keep things interesting!
Sleep: No real changes this week. Pretty tired and getting up 2-4 times a night on average doesn't help, but still doing okay.
Best moment of the week: Getting a ton of work done on the nursery! The crib and changing table are built, as is the stroller (thank you daddy for building everything!!). We still have a little more decorating to do but things are really coming along! Also, mommy and baby had a check up this morning and everything is looking great.
Food cravings: Bagels and cream cheese. After craving (and getting sick on them) in the first trimester I kind of couldn't stand them in the second tri, but we've now come full circle! haha. Also soda.
Food aversions: Really spicy things, some meat
Symptoms: Thought I saw a little stretch mark so I've been slathering on the cocoa butter, but looking for it again today I think it was just a crease from the bedsheets while I slept, phew! Knock on wood! Other than that, still pelvic pain (midwife recommended a support band if it gets worse) and needing to pee all-the-time. Little achy in my lower back and tailbone too, just getting to the end and everything starts to fall apart ;)
Movement: Yep!! Baby girl moves every day but she definitely has days where she is just going, going, going and then other days that are quieter. I'm still getting used to her patterns but I love feeling her move. When I settle in to bed and lay down, I feel her kick and shift quite a bit as she settles in too - so cute.
Gender: A lovely, little girl
What I’m looking forward to: Thanksgiving! (hehe) and starting our birth classes on December 7th.
What I miss: Coffee lately
Next appt: December 18, 2013


The nursery is really coming along and making things feel so real! I still need to order a couple things and do a little more decorating, but her beautiful room is going to be ready and waiting for her soon! I've been trying to keep up on my reading and will start working on our birth plan soon, can't believe that as of today her due date is only 70 days away!!

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