Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along: 28 weeks
How big is baby: The Bump and Babycenter say eggplant and What to Expect says small cabbage (14.8-17in inches long and 2-2.9 pounds)
Total weight gain: +12lbs according to my official weigh-in two weeks ago.
Maternity clothes: No new ones, don't know how I would get by without maternity pants though
Sleep: Definitely more interrupted and more uncomfortable since my hips really start to ache if I sleep on one side for too long. My pelvis is still bothering me and probably will through the end of the pregnancy from what I've read.
Best moment of the week: Officially crossing into the third trimester!! Only 12 weeks to go - eek! ;)
Food cravings: Sweets and comfort foods (biscuits and gravy, lasagna, basically anything starchy and heavy)
Food aversions: Spicy food
Symptoms: Hip and pelvic pain, but otherwise feeling pretty good. Had a fabulous massage (my first ever professional massage!) on Sunday that eased a lot of tension in my muscles and was so relaxing.
Movement: All the time, stronger and stronger with each passing week
Gender: Mommy and Daddy's little princess ;)
What I’m looking forward to: Our birth tour this weekend! We are going to deliver at an almost brand new hospital and got to do a full hospital tour before they opened in August but on Sunday we go for our official birth tour and get to learn all about the labor and delivery department!
What I miss: Mobility and soda haha
Next appt: November 19, 2013

I can't believe our little girl will be joining us in only three short months (potentially less!) it seems like it is flying by now and I'm not ready! I know many mom's-to-be at this stage are ready to be done being pregnant and meet their babies but I feel like I need every moment of this third trimester to get ready, the panic is setting in about how much we've got left to do! I definitely feel my nesting instinct kicking in and wasn't sure when or if it would since I've never been the tidiest person (close friends and family will laugh at that!) and I've always been the person to procrastinate. Dirty dishes in the sink? Eh, they can wait until tomorrow. Laundry piling up? I still have clean stuff in the closet, no rush. I might not have done a complete 180 overnight, but I'm definitely feeling the urge to organize.
I feel like I have been so focused the past seven months on just having a healthy pregnancy, now that we are reaching the end I can't believe that what I have been working towards and the little person growing inside me are double digit days away. I'm know I'm not the only mother-to-be who has experienced these feelings and that everything will come together, but sometimes I just wish time would slow down a bit! No doubt it will when I get to be 37+ weeks pregnant and then I'm sure I will be ready to have this baby out, ready or not haha!

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