Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along: 26 weeks
How big is baby: The Bump says head of lettuce, Babycenter says scallion and What to Expect says cucumber (about 13.6-15in inches long and 1.5-2.2 pounds)
Total weight gain: About 11 lbs, will have an official number after appointment tomorrow.
Maternity clothes: No new ones, but have been enjoying wearing the new sweaters I got.
Sleep: About the same, starting to struggle a little bit to find a comfortable position for my belly.
Best moment of the week: Last Friday after dinner Isla put on her biggest show yet. Neil could feel tons of movement and my belly was shaking and wobbling like crazy. Our little girl must have enjoyed her dinner, she was having a little pizza party in mama's tummy! Also, getting into double digits!! 98 days to go!!
Food cravings: Bacon (haha) and candy...FYI Kaiser, it's not nice to make a pregnant girl take her glucose tolerance test the week before Halloween! ;)
Food aversions: Just very spicy food
Symptoms: Not many new ones, feeling a little more uncomfortable at the end of the day. Achy back and feet.
Movement: Yes! Our little mover and shaker is big and strong enough that her daddy can feel her kicks now and we can both watch my belly wiggle and shake when she's feeling particularly active.
Gender: Baby girl
What I’m looking forward to: Hearing little one's heartbeat tomorrow and decorating her nursery. We ordered her crib yesterday!
What I miss: Not much, just not being so achy in the evenings I guess.
Next appt: Tomorrrow! October 23, 2013

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