Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along:  11 weeks! Only two more weeks until the second trimester!
How big is baby: What to Expect says Lime, Babycenter says Fig (between 1.5-2 inches long)
Total weight gain:  2 lbs
Maternity clothes: Made my first maternity purchases (jeans and a button-up top for work) this past weekend. Don't need them quiet yet, but my pants in particular are feeling snug and just a little too tight to be comfortable.
Sleep: Always tired, but waking up a lot to pee and having a hard time sleeping soundly.
Best moment of the week: Hardly throwing up at all! (knock on wood)
Food cravings: Lemonade, sushi (only veggie), soft pretzels and fruit (peaches this week)
Food aversions: Getting a lot better, food has actually been sounding good the past week or so. At the moment, nothing in particular
Symptoms: The usual...bloating, indigestion, nausea/vomiting, sore boobs
Movement:  Still too early, but super excited for the first flutters!
Gender: Won't know for another two months, start placing bets now! Just for fun...
Chinese gender indicator says: boy
Old wives tale about heart rate says: girl
Old wives tale about morning sickness says: girl
What I’m looking forward to: The second trimester!! Can't wait to find out the gender, feel movement for the first time, get a proper bump and *fingers crossed* say farewell to morning sickness
What I miss: Not too much, but probably coffee and not feeling like I'm seasick all the time ;)
Next appt:  July 22, 2013

While I have been keeping the pregnancy a secret (mostly) until the end of the first trimester, I really love reading pregnancy blogs and especially the weekly updates from mom's to be. It's reassuring to see that other people are experiencing the same things you are. I hope to do the same and post a weekly pregnancy update. I am drafting weeks 11 and 12 as they occur, but will post them after we publicly announce the pregnancy in week 13.

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