Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along: 14 weeks
How big is baby: All sources agree this week! Baby is the size of a lemon :) Roughly 3.5 inches and weighing 1.5 ounces
Total weight gain:  +1 lb (as of last week, forgot to weigh this week)
Maternity clothes: Mix of maternity and regular. I don't need everything to be maternity yet, but certain things like pants are just more comfortable with the extra room. Why suffer if I don't have to, right? I can still wear my normal pants with a belly band but the belly band doesn't always stay up well and at work it's embarrassing to have to adjust it all the time.
Sleep: Really tired this week but I've heard your energy comes back a bit in the second tri so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Best moment of the week: Touring the hospital where I'll deliver. It's a brand new hospital and it doesn't open until next week but they had an open house on Saturday so we went to check it out. It was beautiful and very high tech. Fingers crossed that we'll have a great experience there!
Food cravings: Subway meatball subs, fruit snacks, pretzels
Food aversions: Some of the things I was eating a lot of during the worst of my morning sickness. They sounded great at the time but I have a difficult time stomaching them now: bagels, sourdough bread and baked potatoes
Symptoms: Morning sickness, fatigue, post nasal drip and sinus congestion
Movement: Hopefully only about one more month until I start to feel the little one
Gender: We get to find out on September 3rd!!
What I’m looking forward to: Feeling the first movements and finding out the gender!
What I miss: Steak - I have been craving it and while I could have a well done steak, I would really love a medium steak with butter and herbs...yum yum
Next appt:  August 19, 2013

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along: 13 weeks - hooray for the second trimester!
How big is baby: What to Expect says lemon, Babycenter says peapod, The Bump says peach (about 3 inches long)
Total weight gain:  +1 lb (official weight taken at the doctor's office)
Maternity clothes: Still getting by with just a belly band for my pants. I ordered several dresses and tops from JC Penny Maternity. They were having a great sale and I found a coupon code so I got some very good deals. It's so hard to find maternity clothes for work but they had lots of good stuff and very reasonable prices. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes that I'll only wear for a few months.
Sleep: Fell asleep watching tv around 9:30 last night. Still struggling with having to get up to go to the bathroom so many times a night and starting to have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position at night.
Best moment of the week: Hearing baby's heartbeat :) We have seen his/her heartbeat on an ultrasound before but never heard it. Incredibly wonderful to experience. A solid 140 bpm on Tuesday!
Food cravings: Lemonade/juice, pizza
Food aversions: Not at the moment
Symptoms: Still suffering from morning sickness. Tried weening myself off of my morning sickness medication since I had been doing so well, only to suffer disastrous consequences. My morning sickness is still very much present.
Movement: Nothing that I can feel yet, hopefully in a few more weeks!
Gender: The ultrasound office should be calling to schedule my 20-week any day now. We should know by early-mid September as long as the little one cooperates. Fingers crossed!
What I’m looking forward to: Feeling movement
What I miss: Soda! Been craving diet coke like crazy
Next appt:  August 19, 2013

Wow. It's been a LONG time

Life kind of got in the way and I have taken a very long hiatus from blogging.
The past 2-3 years have seen a lot of changes.Lots of good, a few not so good, but I'd rather not dwell on that past. Let's jump forward to today:

I have a wonderful job in higher education which I love. The people and community are amazing. We own a home back in my hometown in Oregon. We have a very sweet, although at times temperamental cat that we adopted. Two weeks ago we celebrated four amazing years of marriage. Perhaps the biggest thing going on in our lives at the moment though...WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!

As of this posting, I will be 13 weeks pregnant and officially entering my second trimester! We are overjoyed :)

That said, this blog will likely be making a significant shift and if you were a reader who enjoyed my tales of newlywed expat life, you may or may not enjoy the direction the blog moves in. I currently love reading pregnancy/family blogs and hope to chronicle a bit of my family's journey. I'm no perfect housewife or model worthy pregnant lady. I just hope to just give a glimpse into our lives, flawed and (to me) fabulous. Whether this interests you or not, this blog is as much a diary and scrapbook for me as it is hopefully a help and reassurance to others out there that might be experiencing the same things. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along:  12 weeks! We are into the homestretch for the first trimester.
How big is baby: What to Expect says large Plum, Babycenter says Lime (about 2 inches long)
Total weight gain:  2 lbs
Maternity clothes: Tried out both my maternity purchases (jeans and top) but am still getting by
Sleep: Pretty tired all the time, having trouble sleeping because of feeling hot and getting up to pee 3-5 times a night
Best moment of the week: Realizing that the baby will be here in SIX months (also a contender for most terrifying moment of the week)
Food cravings: Lemonade, fruit
Food aversions: Nothing in particular
Symptoms: The usual suspects from last week, with a little more back pain and heartburn
Movement: The books say he/she is moving like a champ, I can't wait until I can feel it
Gender: Another long couple of months until we find out
What I’m looking forward to: Getting some energy back and a proper baby bump!
What I miss: Soda, coffee
Next appt:  July 22, 2013

This pregnancy is finally starting to feel real. For the first trimester, between just trying to function each day (my morning sickness was/is rough, I also had the usual exhaustion) and worry about something going wrong (knock on wood, so far everything is going great) I just kept focusing on getting through it. I didn't really allow myself to get overly excited because you just never know early on. I think reading too many message boards and blogs about women who had experienced problems got to me and I was afraid to fully embrace my pregnancy until the odds of something bad happening went way, way down. I was afraid I would jinx things.

Now that my second trimester is right around the corner, I'm getting very excited/nervous/overwhelmed/etc/etc :) It started to hit me yesterday when I was thinking about announcing the news on Facebook. Which led to worrying about labor/delivery to having a minor freakout during my morning commute about not knowing anything about babies. Seriously. I am so excited for ours to arrive, but I am petrified at the same time. I will be reading the books on what to do after you bring the baby home until the pages are frayed. The realization that a baby - a living, breathing human being that I am currently growing - will be in my arms in approximately six (!!) months is...well, I don't think there is a word to describe the multitude of emotions I'm feeling.

That said, this is an amazing time and I am embracing it. I have my fingers crossed that the "honeymoon trimester" really is a bit easier. I'm hoping the worst of the pregnancy symptoms will ease off and I'll have enough energy to keep my eyes open and read those baby books without passing out on the couch. I've started making a list of what we'll need, compiling freezer crockpot recipes that I can make before the baby arrives and seriously considering those paneled maternity work pants I saw online.

One (almost) down, two to go!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Weekly Pregnancy Update
How far along:  11 weeks! Only two more weeks until the second trimester!
How big is baby: What to Expect says Lime, Babycenter says Fig (between 1.5-2 inches long)
Total weight gain:  2 lbs
Maternity clothes: Made my first maternity purchases (jeans and a button-up top for work) this past weekend. Don't need them quiet yet, but my pants in particular are feeling snug and just a little too tight to be comfortable.
Sleep: Always tired, but waking up a lot to pee and having a hard time sleeping soundly.
Best moment of the week: Hardly throwing up at all! (knock on wood)
Food cravings: Lemonade, sushi (only veggie), soft pretzels and fruit (peaches this week)
Food aversions: Getting a lot better, food has actually been sounding good the past week or so. At the moment, nothing in particular
Symptoms: The usual...bloating, indigestion, nausea/vomiting, sore boobs
Movement:  Still too early, but super excited for the first flutters!
Gender: Won't know for another two months, start placing bets now! Just for fun...
Chinese gender indicator says: boy
Old wives tale about heart rate says: girl
Old wives tale about morning sickness says: girl
What I’m looking forward to: The second trimester!! Can't wait to find out the gender, feel movement for the first time, get a proper bump and *fingers crossed* say farewell to morning sickness
What I miss: Not too much, but probably coffee and not feeling like I'm seasick all the time ;)
Next appt:  July 22, 2013

While I have been keeping the pregnancy a secret (mostly) until the end of the first trimester, I really love reading pregnancy blogs and especially the weekly updates from mom's to be. It's reassuring to see that other people are experiencing the same things you are. I hope to do the same and post a weekly pregnancy update. I am drafting weeks 11 and 12 as they occur, but will post them after we publicly announce the pregnancy in week 13.