Sunday, 10 January 2010

Work night out!

Lucky girl that I am, today I'm enjoying the second day of my three day weekend! Last night Neil and I went out with my work colleagues for a little celebration of our successful holiday season. It was quite the evening including lots of bubbles :) Other than that we haven't been able to do too much because of the poor weather but we're hoping to get out tomorrow and at least make it to the grocery store so we can stock up on healthy food and stick to our good eating, minus last nights nibbles natch.
We're also getting very excited for our two week holiday in just over a month! I can't wait to just relax and do nothing for two weeks, it's going to be wonderful!

The last thing in this little weekend update is rave review of Soap and Glory "Hand Food" hand cream...

{Image found here}
It is absolutely fabulous! It smells delish, but most importantly it's not greasy! I have never tried a hand cream that didn't leave my hands slippery or greasy. They would moisturize yes, but I couldn't touch anything again unless I washed my hands so I've always just avoided them - until now. I am a converted woman and I urge you to try it for yourself! They sell it at boots and you can get a small size one to try for around £2 so there's really no reason not to. Let me know what you think!

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Moni said...

This stuff is great! Just as you said, it's really moisturising without being greasy, so it's my favorite hand moisturiser. When I was in London back in November, Boots had it on sale, so I ended up buying three tubes! If you want to try it in the US, they also sell it at Target.