Monday, 30 November 2009

Black is back

At work I have to wear all black every day. Everything from head to toe must be smart and most importantly - black. While I thought I had a lot of black clothing before I started, I now feel like I have hardly any even though I have been slowly expanding my collection.
So I can avoid having to do nonstop laundry, I'd love to add some of these cardigans to my ebony wardrobe and with them all being under £20 I think that in my post Christmas shopping, even if they're not included in the sales, they will be at the top of my list!

{Top two from Awear, bottom from Asos}

Saturday, 28 November 2009

New Moon

{Image found here}
Even though it's not celebrated here in the UK, since Thursday was Thanksgiving the hubby and I took the day off work to spend together. I had initially intended to make a full dinner, but changed my mind. Instead we just spent the day relaxing a bit and went to the cinema and out for a meal. I missed seeing New Moon with the girls because of the flooding last week so I was quite anxious to see it. I'll be honest, I was a little let down. I suppose because I had read the books my expectations were too high. It wasn't that I didn't like it, because I did, I think I just hoped it would be different. I won't get into any more details at this time since I know a lot of people still haven't seen it.
To continue on the theme, in the evening we went to the New Moon restaurant in town and had a delicious dinner of carrot and coriander soup (sauteed mushroom and smoked cheddar crostini to start for hubby) and Moroccan spiced chicken breast. The highlight was probably the desert we shared though - dark chocolate and orange tart with orange sorbet and raspberry coulis, absolutely delish!!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Winter Weather

Kendal has been swimming this past week. Heavy rain has caused some of the worst flooding in decades up here in the Lake District. Luckily it seems to be letting up! Still as I write this, it is as dark as night, cold and alternating between misty and showery. All in all, it just makes you want to curl up at home with a blanket and a warm, hearty meal.
I had the day off alone today because it was a special event at work for Neil. I took advantage of this time to do a spot of Christmas shopping but came out largely empty handed. I think online shopping is the way to go this year for price and selection since unfortunately there aren't too many shopping options here in little Kendal.
While I can't discuss my gift ideas for family and friends (I want them to be surprised!) during my virtual shopping trip today I couldn't help but notice a few things I'd like for this stormy winter! These gorgeous military style womens jackets are definitely on my list. I just can't decide if prefer the navy or the red!
Also on my list are comfy tall boots that I can wear in the rain. Pretty etched glass candle holders - filled with beautifully scented candles, natch. Vibrant, rich coloured eyeshadows and lipglosses. Comfy slippers and soft pajamas to cuddle up in, as well as cashmere lined gloves and warm scarves to wrap around me whenever I do decide to bundle up and venture out into the chilly winter air.
Have you started your xmas shopping? What's on your wishlist this year? 

Monday, 16 November 2009

Only 38 days...

until Christmas! Have you started your shopping or decorating yet? I am eager to get decorating and I've started saving for our xmas present fund, but I think I will wait until we get down to only month to go before I start any real festivities. I love the music, the smells, the food and most of all the magic of the season :) In true English style, I think I will kick off the season with the Dickensian Christmas festival in Ulverston. I can't wait!
{Photo from Martha Stewart}

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Newlyweds of the Week!

Hello everyone!
This week Neil and I are featured as 'Newlyweds of the Week' on the blog Newlyweds written by the lovely Sweet Pea :) She writes about family life in Texas and is the mother of two gorgeous twin boys. She also features some delicious recipes on her blog which get my mouth watering and my stomach growling! Please check out her interview with us here...

Monday, 9 November 2009


The all delicious holiday is coming up Thursday the 26th of November. I had originally booked a week off work with the intention of taking my new husband for his first American Thanksgiving at my parents' house, but unfortunately with the amount of time and designated days we were each able to get off work, we'd spend an entire day flying each way and only be able to spend a few days with my family despite paying a small fortune for travel expenses. Plan B was a brief trip to the city of light - Paris. Ever the romantic (and foodie), I have always dreamt of visiting one of the most historic and culturally significant cities in the world, but never found the opportunity to actually wander its boutique lined streets (whilst nibbling macarons natch). However when you add up flights, hotels, transport, food and miscellaneous expenses, it costs a pretty penny to savour the splendours of Paris. Given all the Christmas shopping looming ahead, we decided that it would be best to put aside any extravagant spending until the new year. So on to Plan C which was to cook my own Thanksgiving dinner. While I thought this would be a no brainer, I have quickly come to realize that many of the foods I took for granted may be a bit harder to come by here in the country the pilgrims celebrated fleeing so many years ago. Thus, I am now taking suggestions for Plan D! I gave up all the days I had initially booked off, but am still taking the 26th so if anyone knows where I can get pumpkin pie (or the filling to make it) any restaurants holding American Thanksgiving dinners in the UK (I’ve heard of a few in London but we live in Cumbria) or any alternative Thanksgiving related or not ideas, I would love to hear them! Hope you enjoyed the weekend!