Wednesday, 9 September 2009

York Day Trip

On Monday, hubby and I got up bright and early (6am...ouch) and had a wonderful day out to York! We parked up and made our way down Dame Judi Dench Way (it's a real! hehe) towards York Minster, with a quick pre-Minster stop at Starbucks :)After my sbux fix, we toured the absolutely gorgeous Minster, one of the largest gothic cathedrals this side of the alps.
We then headed through the medieval streets, including the Shambles, and browsed the shops. We took in the view of the Minster from the Mens Department on the top floor of Marks and Spencers.
As our tummies began to grumble we decided on a pizza lunch in the sunshine followed by a trip to the (FREE!) National Railway Museum. On our way back from checking out lots and lots of trains, we walked along the bar walls and stopped for a rest in the gardens of the Yorkshire museum. It was a gorgeous and very enjoyable day!


newlyweds said...

Sounds like a really fun day, and wow that cathedral is beautiful!

Katie Walters said...

I love it!

Sonya said...

Just found your blog from being the "Featured Newlyweds". Looking at your York adventure reminds me of when I was there! I only got to spend a month in England, but it was so beautiful! The part of York I remember most was going to the Viking adventure thing and buying a scratch and sniff postcard of the viking latrine! Very funny! Can't wait to read more!