Wednesday, 23 September 2009

UK resident on the job hunt!

As of Monday, I am officially a UK resident and therefore newly eligible to work! Any offers? haha
After a lovely night in Liverpool (including happy hour margaritas!) hubby and I got to our appointment bright and early and spent nearly four hours waiting and waiting and waiting some more. The whole process was very straightforward at least and aside from the exorbitant cost and ridiculously long wait times, it was easy peasy!
Now I begin the dreaded search for work! Living in a small town has advantages like being able to walk to work, but unfortunately the disadvantage of quite a low number of potential jobs. I had a telephone interview this morning - wish me luck that I get invited to the next stage of interviews!
If you have any advice for all the jobseekers out there, please feel free to share!


ColeImperi said...

I find it fascinating that you are living in the UK as a newlywed. It must be quite refreshing, especially when you take a moment to look at the US and how things are done here.

Keep us posted on how things progress abd funny differences you notice!

DeAnna said...

Good luck with the job hunting!

Jennifer said...

Good Luck on the job hunt! It's a warzone out there. :) How exciting it must be to start your new life as a newlywed in the UK!

Mrs Barker said...

Thanks everyone! It is quite the exciting experience living over here! I've learned a lot since I moved to England in May, but I still seem to discover something new everyday, stay tuned to find out what I discover this week :)