Sunday, 13 September 2009

Keswick and the Kendal Torchlight Procession

Hubby's days off got switched around a bit this week so on Friday we ventured a bit deeper in to the Lake District up to the market town Keswick.

After we got back from a lovely day in Keswick, which Neil loved so much he wants to move there, we went to the Torchlight Festival.
It featured carnival and street performers, floats, marching bands, antique cars, dancers and more! It was comprised mostly of local acts but also included groups from around the world. This was its 40th birthday and that theme played prominently in the floats.


Katie Walters said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!!!
WOW it must be amazing to live near such inspiration!
I'm jealous! :)

Mrs Barker said...

Indeed! I'm loving it! I've always got a camera in my hand or hanging from my neck so I'm really enjoying all the great new places I've been exploring :)