Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Under 16?

Hubby and I used our first free swim at the leisure centre yesterday, although I almost did not need to use one of my six freebies! The woman scanning the cards initially said that I didn't need to use the freebie because under-16s swim for free anytime. Neil immediately jumped on this and announced that I was most definitely over 16. The reason for this being that hubby is several years older than me and to make it worse, I look very young for my age. As a result, he often gets teased by his friends for robbing the cradle :P He wanted to make sure nobody thought he was a dirty old man!

It's occasions like this that I don't mind looking so young though! If I could have gotten away with swimming free all summer I would have taken it! Times I don't find it so favourable include shopping and other times when you have to be served. I often get ignored by shop assistants or get less attention because they think I'm a teenager who's just wasting their time. It can be frustrating but luckily with hubby by my side, I usually have less trouble.

Lastly, as previously mentioned, hubby and I have joined the gym! We are kicking off our healthy eating and fitness blitz this week. Tonight we are going to the gym to burn off some of those newlywed pounds and I'll let you know how we go!

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