Thursday, 13 August 2009

Settling In

In the interest of full disclosure, we did not make it to the gym yesterday. Don't think we've fallen off the wagon though, we have our assessment today so we'll definitely be there tonight. In all fairness there was an England match on last night and since hubby loves his sports, but doesn't get to watch them that often, we decided to take the night off knowing that we would definitely be going today because of our assessment appointments. Enough about that though!

Today while I was bringing Neil his lunch at work, I was stopped not once, but twice for directions and I was able to give them successfully which was quite the novelty since I've only been living in this town (and England in general) for a few months. I'm finally starting to feel like I really live here and that I'm not just on an extended visit, which I did a lot of while Neil and I were dating across the Atlantic.

I am missing a few things from my original home though. Although I can honestly say that I love most food here, among the things I miss are...
  • ranch dressing
  • barbecue sauce
  • buttery movie theatre popcorn/microwave popcorn
  • black beans
  • mexican food
  • sushi
  • frozen yogurt
other things I miss about the states...
  • stores being open late
  • craft stores
  • ice-cream parlors
  • lower prices
  • target
but most of all, my family and friends!

If you live abroad, what do you miss from home? If you don't, what do you miss when you go away?

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