Thursday, 27 August 2009

New Hair!

So yesterday morning, my hair looked more or less like this...

but by yesterday evening, my hair looked like this...

What do you think? I had it coloured a rich chocolate brown and cut about six inches off. She layered the front and gave me light layering around the back. Best all? It cost only £30/$48 for the cut and colour combined!

In the evening we had quite a bit of excitement though! A baby bat flew in through the window in our spare room and came shooting through our front room around 11:30. Boy are those little guys fast! It circled the room over and over and warp speed, occasionally dive bombing us as I screamed in shock. I love animals, bats included, but if one came straight for you faster than you can imagine, you'd scream too! haha
Anyway, it took about an hour to get it out of the house because the poor little thing tired itself out and rested behind our curtains for a while and we couldn't find it. After doing a little research I learned that it was most likely a confused baby bat still learning to fly and had exhausted itself tearing around our front room. Anyway, Neil got it out eventually and we finally got to bed. Let hope for a little less excitement tonight! We're headed to Bootleggers to see a Beatles tribute band!

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