Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Care Package Day!!!

Check out that bad boy!

I am a very lucky girl and I know it! I have wonderful parents who I asked to send me a few goodies I missed from America and look what arrived this morning! I had been craving ranch dressing and got a bunch of packets of the dry mix (since bottles would have been too heavy) as well as butter flavor popcorn (none of that sweet/kettlecorn biznass for this girly). The rest of the package includes dried mangos and berries, dried cherries, osembei (rice crackers), furikake (egg/nori bits you sprinkle on rice), nori strips, packets of instant miso soup, Pirate's Booty (cheesey puffs from Trader Joes), tortilla chips, jalapeno and regular cheese dips, ChocoPie, beef jerky, wasabei roasted peas and my favourite chili seasoning (Carroll Shelby's, seriously this stuff makes the BEST chili).
I've already had some dried cherries and osembei for breakfast haha. Can't wait to make Neil some chili so he can experience the deliciousness. I'm going to do my best to pace myself with the rest of the goodies, but it will be hard!
In a bit of other good news, I also got an email from my parents saying that a check had come from the US government for me so I'm also getting a bit of moolah, cha-ching! Today is a wonderful day :)

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