Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fitness fanatic in the making?!

As I sit here sipping my first cup of tea, I can hardly believe that I’m looking forward to…wait for it…going to the gym tonight!

We went for the second time to use the gym facilities and I actually enjoyed it! I usually hate exercise! I have always wanted to get in better shape and while I have had some success on the weight loss side, the fitness element has always alluded me unfortunately. Now I’m not saying I’m a gym bunny in training or anything like that, but I do feel like I might stick with it a bit longer this time. I think having hubby there really helps as both of us are trying to shape up and having someone urging you to keep going when you normally would have called it a day makes a big difference.
I’m looking forward to getting my workout plan tomorrow and working toward more specific goals.
Before I go…
As you have surely noticed by now, the blog has been redesigned. I felt like it was time to shake things up a bit, perhaps my fitness inspiration is spilling over into other areas of my life! Anyway, I would love to get your feedback about the new blog, good or bad!

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