Friday, 12 June 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the one month countdown!!
On this day next month, Neil and I are getting married!!

Today Neil and browsed the shops during his lunch hour and I got a fab dress to wear on our honeymoon! I'd had my eye on it for a little while now and I can't wait to wear at the posh cocktail bar at the Tigerlily!

The weather has been great today and hopefully it'll hold out through the weekend since Neil's days off are Sunday/Monday. We've got a meeting with our photographer and hotel wedding coordinator on Monday to go over all the final details. I still can't believe we're getting married so soon! It feels like just yesterday that Neil was down on one knee and I was saying "yes!!":)

Yesterday we went and saw Angels and Demons since Neil got some free tickets through work. We both thought it was pretty good. Not amazing, but I definitely thought it was watchable. I haven't read the book, but Neil has and he said it was a better book>film translation than The Da Vinci Code was. Tomorrow I get to stay at home all day and wait for the washing machine repair man, yippee! haha I will be pleased if he can fix it though, it would be nice to be able to do laundry whenever I want to.

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