Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wedding Crazies!

I'm sorry that my blogging has been so erratic lately, we've been so busy getting everything ready for the wedding that I've been letting things slide. On Monday we splurged a bit and purchased our first wedding gift (thank you to the very kind family friends whose wedding gifts funded this purchase!) a sony A300 DSLR!

A sample photograph taken with our new baby :)
We are having a great time playing and learning and can't wait to take it on our honeymoon!!

Over the weekend we went out for a delish curry plus a couple of cheeky ones. Then we celebrated our fathers on Sunday and yesterday was my mom's 50th birthday! Happy birthday again Mom, love you :) No plans for the upcoming weekend yet, but it will no doubt be filled with running around and organizing wedding details. My fab maid of honor, Julia and my family will be arriving in England in only 12 days - I can't wait! AND only six days after that, a brand new Mr and Mrs will be introduced :D

I leave you with one more fun shot we took on our photo-walk...

Friday, 12 June 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the one month countdown!!
On this day next month, Neil and I are getting married!!

Today Neil and browsed the shops during his lunch hour and I got a fab dress to wear on our honeymoon! I'd had my eye on it for a little while now and I can't wait to wear at the posh cocktail bar at the Tigerlily!

The weather has been great today and hopefully it'll hold out through the weekend since Neil's days off are Sunday/Monday. We've got a meeting with our photographer and hotel wedding coordinator on Monday to go over all the final details. I still can't believe we're getting married so soon! It feels like just yesterday that Neil was down on one knee and I was saying "yes!!":)

Yesterday we went and saw Angels and Demons since Neil got some free tickets through work. We both thought it was pretty good. Not amazing, but I definitely thought it was watchable. I haven't read the book, but Neil has and he said it was a better book>film translation than The Da Vinci Code was. Tomorrow I get to stay at home all day and wait for the washing machine repair man, yippee! haha I will be pleased if he can fix it though, it would be nice to be able to do laundry whenever I want to.

Monday, 1 June 2009


Neil and I are busy, busy, busy trying to get wedding stuff done as we are down to only 40 days!! We are both on wedding diets now :) and we have booked our florist, favors and as of today, our honeymoon!

Technically it's a mini-moon since we're only going away for two days, but we won't be able to take a proper honeymoon until I've got the second part of my visa and Neil gets more time off work (he used two weeks to come visit me in Canada and is taking a week for the wedding) so we are making the most of our mini-moon and doing it up!

We are going to Edinburgh and are spending three days and two nights at the Tigerlily which was voted one of the 65 coolest hotels in the world by Conde Nast Traveller :)

The photo above is of a Georgian Mini Suite "featuring fireplace, digital SKY TV, pre-loaded iPods, docking stations and DVD players, four poster king size beds with luxurious Egyptian linen cotton, flat screen TV, baths, power showers, fluffy towels, soft robes, slippers and a complete set of toiletries from the White Company." It's a bit extravagant, but we figured that there's no better excuse to go all out than a honeymoon! Especially when you only get a couple of days and have to make the most of them! There is even a hotspot nightclub in the bottom called Lulu and a fabulous restaurant...

I can't wait!!!