Friday, 22 May 2009

Settling in to my new home

That is the view from our living room window at our new place in Kendal, so different from anything in America.

We are settling in to our sleepy little town pretty well and enjoying that despite it's size, Kendal offers everything we need. There are loads of shops, cafes and entertaining things to do. I'm still struggling for things to fill my time since I can't work until after the wedding, but hopefully with the weather improving I'll be able to get outside more at the very least! Today I went out with my future-in-laws for a lovely little lunch and a bit of shopping. Neil's off work at six tonight so I'm killing time watching the Simpsons movie until then. Neil's working the whole bank holiday weekend, but at least we're going for a scrummy roast dinner at his parents' tomorrow :)

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