Friday, 15 May 2009

66 hours and 35 minutes til England

I'm feeling a bit more reassured after talking to my honey this morning. I know he's trying so hard to have a nice little home set up for my arrival and that he's prepared to deal with a slightly crazy wife(to be) while we live in England. I'm hoping I don't get too lonely or homesick for Vancouver or Portland. I think wedding planning will be a good time absorber. Right now I'm working on our mini-moon to Scotland and having a lot of fun. I've also got my online history courses and we may be purchasing a treadmill with some of our wedding gift money, so hopefully I'll stay busy enough to not drive him or myself too insane.

Today I purchased my second set of invitation materials which my mom and I agree are much better than the other invitations I was going to make. They are lovely embossed purple swirls on cream cardstock. The ones I had been planning on making were very simple heavy soft-white paper layered on black cardstock. They would have been nice but these new ones will be much prettier and luckily everything I had bought before is returnable! I also picked up a 'Here Comes the Bride' tote bag on sale and some very cute 'B' monogrammed luggage tags for hubby and me :D

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