Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wedding stress is here with a vengenance!

I think I need to take up yoga.

Wedding stress has begun to seep through every nook and cranny and I'm itching to get back to England and down to business! Right now I am tackling flowers and decor. I have decided to use cut flowers for the bouquets only because it just feels so wasteful (both financially and environmentally) to have cut flowers for the centerpieces and such. I am planning on placing a potted orchid on each table with a mirror and a selection of candles. After the wedding the orchids will make lovely gifts for our parents and special guests as well as beautiful decorations for our home. We have to keep at least a few for our new place :)

Even though I've got a major exam tomorrow (history of modern medicine) I'm preoccupied with all things wedding. Argh. I need to get my head together and finish up these exams before I launch into full-blown wedding mode. I'm doing my best but it's hard being a Bride-To-Be! Especially one who's down to less than THREE MONTHS before the big day!

Off to my date with miasma theory, colloidal chemistry and Claude Bernard. Yippee!

I just saw a preview for the Wolverine movie and it looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing it and hopefully spotting the set that I walked through while it was filming here.

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