Friday, 24 April 2009

The dreaded wedding diet

I set a goal that once I hit the 90-day/3-month mark, I would "officially" begin my wedding diet. We're now at 80 days and I'm feeling the pressure a bit because I'm finding it very hard to stick to my healthy eating with work lunches, end of term celebrations and trying to eat what's left in my cupboards before I move out. My goal is to lose approximately 7(-10)lbs so I'm not striving for anything impossible, I just need to stick to it. I need to stick to healthy eating, incorporate more exercise (especially light weight training for my arms and back) and just work on taking better care of myself, not that I don't do a decent job already. I try to maintain a healthy, nearly vegetarian diet, high in fiber, healthy fats and protein with loads of fresh veggies and fruit. I avoid trans fats, white flour, high sodium and I don't drink caffeine, but I do drink lots of water. So while I don't really need to lose weight, I know I'd look better in the dress and feel a lot more fit if I took off just a few excess pounds and toned up. Anyone have willpower tips? Fitting into a wedding dress should be the best willpower maintainer known to man, but I'm still struggling! Pizza, chocolate and yam fries are calling to me!

Also, Neil and I are now in the process of signing the lease for a different flat right below the one we were this close to signing the contracts for. It's a two bedroom and soooo cute :) It's not any bigger (despite being two bedrooms :/) but the interior is much nicer and it gives us a guestroom/study.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Nap dreams

I always have crazy dreams when I nap and today was no exception! I just woke up from a delicious nap where I dreamt that I took a taxi to doctors appointment because I had a huge, broken suitcase with me and was running late. While all that sounds crazy, the part that I really knew was a dream was when shortly after I'd taken the taxi I realized I'd forgotten to pay. I know that a taxi driver, would never, EVER forget to have someone pay, ergo crazy nap dream. If that whole dream story doesn't make sense, I'm sorry. Don't try and figure out my slightly deranged mind, just play along.

The nap was a nice capper to a great afternoon. This morning I woke up and the sun was shining. I took a shower, talked to my honey and then Julia and I went down to the G Sport to watch Liverpool v Arsenal (4-4) and have some lunch. I had a cold strongbow, a veggie burger and some really tasty yam fries. Afterward I got my rook piercing taken out for the wedding. (It's been on my to-do list for months!) Then I came home and took the aforementioned nap. What a day! Tonight there is a new episode of Fringe, oddly enough also about dreams (From TV Listings: Agent Dunham witnesses a suicide in her dreams as the event actually occurs at New York's Grand Central Station.) Tomorrow I'm having coffee with my old roommate and loving my days of sunshine and relaxation!

I'm really craving some more yam fries though!!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Good News and Bad News

Bad news first…
Yesterday my Mom called and broke the news to me that the envelope containing Neil’s wage slips, bank statements and a few other important documents for my fiancée visa arrived empty. He had mailed it to my parents since I’m submitting my application back in Oregon and apparently it was improperly sealed so somewhere in between everything was lost :(
We’re quite upset, but luckily we should be able to replace everything. We’re losing time and money and there is the potential for identity theft if someone finds and tries to use the information, but we’re trying to stay positive.

Now to end with the good news…
Neil met with the letting agent this morning and we’ve got a new flat!! He gets to pick up the keys next week :) I’m so excited for our first little home. I can’t wait to paint and decorate and make it our own. Unfortunately we weren’t able to celebrate properly since we were upset about the lost documents. I didn’t sleep well last night because of the stress, so I went out for a walk this afternoon to clear my head. I grabbed an iced Americano (decaf of course) and took a stroll through the Japanese garden. While there I made sure to cross the zigzag bridge. Legend says that demons can’t cross it so hopefully I have left all our demons and bad luck on the other side and Neil and I are in the clear. Fingers crossed at least! Afterwards I sat next to the pond and reflected on all the things we have going for us.
- we can more or less replace all the documents
- they were likely lost in the US lessening the risk of identity theft
- we have wonderful family and friends supporting us
- we’re healthy (a couple on the message board I read are trying to rush their fiancé visa application because he has cancer :/)
- we still have time to get the application submitted for my goal leaving date
So since life has thrown us yet another lemon, I’m going to keep making lemonade and looking on the bright side and have faith that everything will work out.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Great new episode of Fringe last night, I can't wait for next week's :) As for my day today, my exam went pretty well. I was watching an episode of House today and they were talking about willow bark and I thought "I know about that!" I even had a question about which medicine was originally derived from willow bark* on my exam today. At least the course has made me understand House better! haha

*Answer - Aspirin

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wedding stress is here with a vengenance!

I think I need to take up yoga.

Wedding stress has begun to seep through every nook and cranny and I'm itching to get back to England and down to business! Right now I am tackling flowers and decor. I have decided to use cut flowers for the bouquets only because it just feels so wasteful (both financially and environmentally) to have cut flowers for the centerpieces and such. I am planning on placing a potted orchid on each table with a mirror and a selection of candles. After the wedding the orchids will make lovely gifts for our parents and special guests as well as beautiful decorations for our home. We have to keep at least a few for our new place :)

Even though I've got a major exam tomorrow (history of modern medicine) I'm preoccupied with all things wedding. Argh. I need to get my head together and finish up these exams before I launch into full-blown wedding mode. I'm doing my best but it's hard being a Bride-To-Be! Especially one who's down to less than THREE MONTHS before the big day!

Off to my date with miasma theory, colloidal chemistry and Claude Bernard. Yippee!

I just saw a preview for the Wolverine movie and it looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing it and hopefully spotting the set that I walked through while it was filming here.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Because I'm sure you want to know...

1. My knees, ankles, and the middle finger on my right hand crack constantly. All I have to do is walk around or bend them.

2. I love making lists.

3. I can't remember the last time I read a book cover to cover. It makes me sad, but not enough to do anything about it.

4. My dream is to open my own restaurant/cafe within the next ten years.

5. I was a pathological liar from 12 to 14. I used to tell people I was from Australia and all kinds of things I thought made me more interesting. Luckily it was just a phase.

6. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac.

7. I drink a lot of coffee, but only decaf.

8. My second toe is longer than my big toe.

9. I have more cupcake related items than anyone you know.

10. I plan to walk down the aisle to a string quartet version of "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones on my wedding day - 12 July 2009.

11. I like to watch horror movies, but only by myself.

12. Is my lucky number and by pure coincidence with what the hotel had available, my wedding day.

13. My degree is in history, with my specialties being African-American history and Jewish history and diaspora theory as it applies to each.

14. I am addicted to reading trashy, gossipy articles on the Sun website.

15. I collect autographed CD jackets.

16. My perfect date would be sharing a good bottle of wine in a dark, smoky jazz bar.

17. I love anything passion fruit flavored.

18. I have sprained my left ankle three times so it now goes out on me at random times and makes me look like a total spaz. Thanks ankle, I appreciate it.

19. I wanted to get a tattoo for about seven or eight years but never did and now I'm glad.

20. I shook Jon Bon Jovi's hand five years ago.

21. I carry a picture of my fiance in my wallet.

22. I'm terrified of learning to drive on the left side and think I may take the bus for as long as I live in England.

23. I have lived in five different apartments over the past four years.

24. I once won an award for eating a giant, double banana split all by myself. It was called 'The Pigs Trough'.

25. I think that Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry could be the same person. They just look too much alike.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Movie Review: The Happening

Maybe because of their release dates or their titles or for whatever reason many people compare "The Mist" and "The Happening". After just finishing the "The Happening" I don't really understand why. "The Mist" was entertaining, but more importantly it made me think. It made me really consider what I would be capable of in a time of crisis. Beneath the monster metaphor, this was it's main goal and with me it succeeded. "The Happening" on the other hand was a load of nothingness. Nothing happened. A bunch of people became affected by something and killed themselves. Bigger message = we're killing the planet so it's going to start killing us? WTF? Good actors wasted on a pointless film. I can give it some points for good cinematography but that's about it. Don't waste your time on this film because you will spend ninety minutes waiting for something to happen and it never will = 1.5=10

Movie Reviews: The Mist; Catch and Release; The Haunting of Sorority Row

I find that I watch a lot of movies during exams times...probably not a good thing but c'est la vie. Most recently I have watched:
"The Mist"

After I got past the cheesy tentacle monsters and giant bugs, it got pretty interesting. Unlike a lot of horror movies, this one isn't about the physical monsters but the monsters within and about what normal people are capable of (good or bad). I liked the second half better, but overall = 7.5/10

"Catch and Release"

More or less a typical romantic comedy. Some touching moments, some funny, some quite sad. Overall very bland and unfresh though = 4/10

"The Haunting of Sorority Row" (apparently also known as "Deadly Pledge")

A made for tv movie starring Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. Watchable, but predictable and clearly meant for lifetime viewers who want to switch it up with something scary. Bonus points for being filmed at UBC = 2.5/10

Lets play catchup!

Classes have come and gone by now, just studying for and taking exams for the next 15 days and then it's back to Portland I go! The girls threw me an amazing bachelorette(US)/stagette(Canada)/hen party(UK) with just the right balance of sweetness and scandal. We all gathered for drinks and food at Alexa's house before a surprise private pole dance/lap dance class and then it was off to the pub for drinks and shenanigans. I've officially said goodbye to my single girl life and am happily preparing for my transition into married life in THREE MONTHS!! Today we hit the three month mark and wedding planning is beginning to kick into high gear.
Also, Neil and I are very close to signing the lease on an adorable flat in Kendal!! We are both so excited and are keeping our fingers crossed that everything works out when Neil goes in on Thursday to go over paperwork. I'm trying to stay levelheaded and not get too excited before we've put pen to paper, but I can't help it! I've been going through ikea catalogs and decorating "inspiration" collages and browsing home furnishings online's bad :)
I've got a lot more free time on my hands since classes finished and my last day of work on Wednesday. It was really sad to leave, I loved that job and all the people there. They were wonderful and had a delicious choc cake for me and sweet card that everyone had signed. I still have one last work lunch on the 18th but then that it. I'm just hoping I can find a great job like it in Kendal.

Well I hope I have caught you up on all the recent happenings and you can expect more frequent blog posts as I've got the time to write again.