Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Writing papers in the dreary Vancouver rain

I am in serious need of some sunshine (and WARMTH!) and I think Neil feels the same way. Last week he sent me an article about vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) and I am feeling severely deficient right about now! I'm stuck inside writing papers all week although I'm not too bothered as its pretty dreary outside. I'm down to my last week and a half of classes and work and I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to buckle down and get everything wrapped up but I am the worst procrastinator known to man. I'm also finding it difficult to focus because the wedding seems to be coming up so quick! Just over three months to go and I have a lot to accomplish still. I want to shift into Bridezilla mode but I know I have more to do before I can let all things wedding take over my life for a couple months. You only do it once though so you might as well, right? ;)

Last week was my birthday (and Neil's!) and I went out for sushi with friends and my brother who was in town for his spring break. We all had a great time and the food was delish!

They even brought me a free deep fried Mars bar sundae AND they accidentally put in two orders so we got both free :) yay!

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